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 Malyon College houses several Centres which are at the national forefront of equipping, networking and writing in several key areas.

At Malyon, we are all about developing Christians of influence. We believe Malyon College has been called by God to help do what He promised: “Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.” Jeremiah 3:15 We take this to mean that the College should be turning out graduates who –

+ care about others (shepherds)

+ love and serve God (who have a heart after God’s own heart), and

+ have a strong understanding of the Bible and ministry (knowledge and understanding)

How do we do this? Well, some Christians will come to Malyon and complete a degree. But many won’t. While providing high-quality tertiary degrees remains our core business, several years ago we felt led to take the training of Christians way beyond the confines of the College and its courses.

To that end we have opened three Centres over the last seven years. Each has its own distinct area of focus, but the common goal is to assist Christians and churches to bridge the gap between the church and its surrounding community, between hearts and minds, and between personal faith and daily reality.

Our Centres are Malyon Leadership, Malyon Workplace and Malyon Traverse.



The Malyon Centre for Christian Leadership  

The Malyon Leadership Centre was established in 2008 to take the training of Christian leaders far beyond just those who were able to complete theological study at a tertiary level. Our vision was simple: equip the next generation of Christian leaders.

The reality is everyone has some influence on someone. At Malyon we believe it is critically important that individual Christians be good stewards of their personal influence, whether that influence is exercised via a formal leadership role (such as pastor, church leader, or chaplain) or is exercised informally (for example, through friendships, social media, small groups, or family relationships). So we work hard to provide leadership training that is appropriate for how Christians exercise their influence today. 

We know that developing and stewarding influence occurs most naturally in networks with the best resources. It occurs most effectively when Christians have a solid biblical foundation and an understanding of God’s grace underpinning everything they do. And it occurs most powerfully when Christians grasp God’s call to influence others in a Biblical way, with God’s help.

So the team at Malyon Leadership run leadership networks for pastors and leadership conferences for younger leaders. We also provide an on-line platform where leaders (aka people who influence) can connect for inspiration, training and development. Check it out at

Some of our work to date has included:

facilitating retreat groups for new senior pastors || training recent retirees in ministry || providing access to high-quality leadership development resources through our website and DVDs || running ‘equipping lunches’ for young adult leaders || fostering peer connections for new pastors || running an annual pastors teams conference || providing mentoring for young Christian leaders || developing and writing new material on Christian leadership || running the annual neoleader conference for younger leaders

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John Sweetman is the Director of Malyon Leadership.

The annual neoLeader conference is Malyon Leadership’s flagship conference for those in the 18-30 years age demographic.  It is an annual conference for young leaders who gather to hear the Word, connect with each other, tell their stories, and hone their skills. Last year 50 churches from 12 denominations sent delegates to neoLeader conference, which is a tremendous testimony to Malyon’s commitment to developing Christians of any denomination. Check out this year’s conference details at

Past employees of the Leadership Centre include Duncan Brown, Andrew McCafferty, Lindie Bernas, Mark Broadbent, Matt Sweetman and Darren Dakers.



The Malyon Centre for Transforming Work

At Malyon we understand that most Christians don’t work in Churches! In fact, most Christians spend most of their time in their workplace, wherever that happens to be – in an office, a hospital, a school, on a construction site, in their own business or in a mine.

But many Christians are not sure how to live out their faith deeply and effectively at work.

They are not sure how to connect their faith with their daily workplace issues. And they are not sure how their work makes any difference for God. So, Malyon Workplace provides coaching, a community, and resources to equip Christians to transform both their experience of work and their workplaces.

COACHING: seminars, mentoring, preaching, conferences, roundtables

COMMUNITY: connect with a community of Christians who are committed to engaging on issues relevant to the integration of work and faith and whole-of-life discipleship

RESOURCES: go to our web site for a workplace ministry resources

Our work matters deeply to God. Even when our work is challenging, difficult or frustrating, it can be a place where we live out God’s purposes. At work we have the opportunity to bring kingdom values to bear, to be ‘salt and light’, and to make our workplace a context for human flourishing.


Murray Wright is the Director of Malyon Workplace.



The Malyon Centre for Bridging Church and Culture

Christianity is on the rise in the developing world. But God’s church in the western world is struggling. The average Australian person is post-Christian in attitude – the influence of Christianity on our culture has diminished greatly and there is a growing number of other belief systems rushing in to fill the void. If there’s a dominant religion in Australia today, it’s ‘apa-thea’: most people simply don’t care. Most people are getting on with their lives apart from God. But most Australians are also pre-Christian in understanding – they do not really understand who God is and what Christianity is all about. Add to this a fast changing society and you have a cultural landscape that is tough-going for Christians who want to effectively live out their faith in the Australian culture.

So we might need some help. We need reliable guides to help us get our bearings and map the territory. We need new words and new ways to reach our own culture. We must re-imagine the way our church ‘does mission’ to those living in the Australian cultural context. And that’s where Malyon Traverse fits in.

There’s a chasm between today’s church and it’s surrounding culture. As agents and messengers of reconciliation, God then – quite simply – would have us traverse that gap.

Through generous funding by Christian educators John and Effie Munday, we have established Malyon Traverse to provide training, conferences and resources that equip Christians to bridge the gap between their Aussie culture and their shared Christian faith. Check it out at


Dave Benson is the Director of Traverse.



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