Considering donating to the Malyon Centres?

Thank you for your interest in donating to one of the Malyon Centres. All donations to the Malyon Foundation are tax deductible.

If you wish to find out more about what your gift will do, click on the relevant link below:

> The Story of the Centres from the Principal, John Sweetman | The Story of the Malyon Centres from John Sweetman
> Information about Malyon Leadership from Centre Director, John Sweetman  | Malyon Leadership 2016
> Information about Malyon Workplace from Centre Director, Murray Wright | Malyon Workplace 2016
> Information about Malyon Traverse from Centre Director, Dave Benson | Malyon Traverse 2016

If you would like to explore the Centres’ websites, go to: 

Malyon Leadership  |  Malyon Traverse  |  Malyon Workplace

If you would like to donate, please print out and complete this Malyon Centres Gift Intention Form 2016 and return to Malyon by:

> email to
> post to PO Box 6166, Mitchelton QLD 4053
> fax to +617 3354 5660

Thank you for your support.