Baplink Graduate of Influence Award

Graduate of Influence

Thanks so much for taking the time to help recognise someone you know and encouraging them in their ministry (secular or church based).

Baplink is the 2018 supporter of the Graduate of Influence Award and their mission is investing in ministry.  Anyone can invest with Baplink and enable good works in the process of making a solid return.  Since 1994, they have provided investment accounts for individuals, churches and affiliated organisations.  Baplink use investors’ funds to offer churches preferential interest rates to fund the building of churches, youth camps, daycare centres and facilities for other worthwhile community ministries.

Baplink believe every Christian and church should be a faithful steward of their finances, and help make that happen.  Baplink offer a range of services that are tailored to assist individuals, churches and organisations make the best choices with their finances.

As a Ministry of Queensland Baptists, Baplink does not exist to make a profit.  The aim is to make a modest surplus each year, often reinvesting this into the business as capital.  This is how your deposits can enable lending to ministry.  Just as Baplink support kingdom work, the Graduate of Influence Award is an opportunity to recognise a graduate of Malyon who is advancing the kingdom for the glory of God.

Together we would like to recognise these graduates and the chosen winner will receive $2,000 thanks to Baplink.

Nominate an Influential Malyon Graduate

Nominate an outstanding Malyon Graduate for their work in Ministry, Missions, or even in the Workplace. Please remember to clearly outline the kind of influence and specific work they have contributed to the kingdom in as much detail as possible.
  • (relatives are not excluded from nominating)
  • Tell us about your nominee: 500 words.