Units on offer in 2017



We recommend you choose from these units in your 1st year of study

OT Prophets and Writings |
Discover the passion and wisdom of God’s revelation to Israel and the nations expressed through the Old Testament Prophets and Writings. (Tuesday evening lectures)
Early New Testament Church |
Gain an overview of the contents, themes and theology of the various biblical books about and for the early New Testament church.
Christian Worldview |
Develop an understanding of worldviews and explore the application of a Christian worldview to a variety of areas relevant to Christian ministry and life.
Guided Spiritual Formation | PC449/649/D This unit guides students into deeper intimacy with God by examining how to be effective in ministry, to articulate a philosophy of ministry, and to reflect on what God is doing in their life and through their vocation.
Early Church History |
Take a bird’s eye view of the life of the Church from its inception until the Council of Chalcedon in 451AD.
Practical Field Education |
Gain practical experience in various ministry tasks while engaging in personal and theological reflection.

We recommend you choose from these units in your 2nd and 3rd years of study

New Testament Greek B  | LA00BA/D Continue with the second instalment of the fundamentals of New Testament Greek syntax and grammar
Introduction to New Testament Greek | LA002/D You’ll learn the skills to interpret Greek words in the Old Testament.
Introduction to Christian Ethics |
Enter into the field of Christian ethics by examining the ethics of the Old and New Testaments, surveying various ethical approaches, and applying biblical principles to contemporary issues. (Tuesday evening lectures)
Church and Ministry |
Understand the connection between the kingdom of God and the church, and biblical and theological basis for ordinances and forms of church government.
Luke (Greek Exegesis) |
Engage in a study of the critical issues and the theology of the Luke’s Gospel, while translating and interpreting some of the key passages.
The Synoptic Gospels: Mark
(English Exegesis) |
Understand the background, purposes, themes and doctrines of Mark’s Gospel and how its message impacts ministry in our vastly different world.
Congregational Field Education |
Learn to integrate theory with practice while participating in complex ministries in a local church setting.
Introductory Preaching |
Take a step by step approach to learning the fundamentals of preparing and delivering a biblical sermon. On-line unit that includes a 2 day compulsory workshop/intensive 20-21 September. Students may also attend weekly tutorials on Thursday afternoons 1:20pm-3:15pm with Rev Dr John Sweetman.
Ministry in Islamic Contexts |
Understand Islamic faith and practice, including biblical and theological perspectives on Islam, for forming appropriate and suitable Christian responses. (intensive only 26 – 30 June) CLICK HERE FOR UNIT GUIDES: EM415i | EM615i
Leading the Small Church |
Understand the unique nature and character of small church for leading them effectively. (On-line only)
Pastoral Skills and Methods |
Develop counselling principles and skills, which are useful for pastoral care roles. (Includes a 2 day intensive)
Theology for Everyday Life |
Redeem daily routines by reflecting on and developing a distinctly Christian theology of the acts of daily life.
Chaplaincy Skills |
Learn the perspectives and competencies necessary for effective chaplaincy, focusing on holistic care. (On-line and includes a 2 day intensive)
Practical Ministry Field Education (For Educational Settings) |
Learn to integrate theory with practice while participating in complex ministries in a educational setting. A practical placement will be undertaken.

2017 Semester 2 | POSTGRADUATE UNITS

Leadership and Management
PC761i/D | Unit Lecturer: John Sweetman
Semester 2 | Intensive – 28 Aug – 1 Sep Gain an overview of the current thinking on leadership and management from biblical, Christian and secular sources with a view to discerning what God is calling his shepherds to be and do for influencing others and developing effective leadership and management structures. (Intensive)
Kingdom of God
TH789i | Lecturer: Derick Tidball
Semester 2 | Intensive Only, 7 – 11 August Starting with the prayer, ‘your kingdom come’, discover the sources of the idea of the Kingdom of God, explore its centrality to Jesus’ person, mission and teaching, and survey Paul’s teaching as well as the apocalyptic perspective. (Intensive)
Multicultural Church Leadership | PC741D Semester 2 | On-line only Interact with theology and scholarship related to multicultural churches and apply this learning to your personal interaction with a culturally diverse church and society.
Research Methods for Ministry | RMo91 On-line Only Please contact the College Registrar for more info
Intro to Research Methods | RM095 On-line Only Please contact the College Registrar for more info

Key: D = avail by Distance/Online; i = Intensive