Units on offer in 2018

As an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology, Malyon College is approved to deliver the following Units of the ACT (CRICOS 02650E)


Bible and Language units of study

OT Old Testament Prophets & Writings |
Discover the passion and wisdom of God’s revelation to Israel and the nations expressed through the Old Testament Prophets and Writings.
Early New Testament Church |
Gain an overview of the contents, themes and theology of the various biblical books about and for the early New Testament church.
Biblical Hebrew B | LA003b/D The second instalment of learning the skills to interpret Hebrew words in the Old Testament, enabling you to form your own view on the identity, meaning, and theological significance of key words.
Intro to New Testament Greek | LA002 Introduction to New Testament Greek is introductory biblical language unit in the Department of Bible and Languages.  It entails a study of Greek grammar and syntax selected from the New Testament, the Septuagint and other early non-biblical Christian literature. Available by attendance mode only.
(English Exegesis) |
Understand the background, purposes, and themes of the book of Romans and how its message impacts ministry in our vastly different world.
1 Peter & The Revelation (Greek) |
Develop your skills in Greek exegetical methodology and reflect upon the themes and features of 1 Peter and Revelation to equip you for a more accurate engagement with the issues facing the contemporary church.

Christian Thought units of study

Early Church History | CH305/505/D Take a bird’s eye view of the life of the Church from its inception until the Council of Chalcedon in 451AD.
The Doctrines of God & Work of Christ |
Begin to formulate a coherent understanding of the gospel (usually called systematic theology) and then assists them to begin thinking through its ramifications for their everyday lives.

Ministry and Practice units of study

Integrating Faith & Work |
This unit will explore the theological, cultural and pragmatic principles under girding the stewarding of one’s vocation toward restraining sin and promoting shalom.
Christian Worldview | PE310/510/D Develop an understanding of worldviews and explore the application of a Christian worldview to a variety of areas relevant to Christian ministry and life.
Congregational Field Education |
Learn to integrate theory with practice while participating in complex ministries in a local church setting.
Guided Spiritual Formation | PC449/649/D This unit guides students into deeper intimacy with God by examining how to be effective in ministry, to articulate a philosophy of ministry, and to reflect on what God is doing in their life and through their vocation.
Pastoral Skills & Methods | PC403/603/D Develop counselling principles and skills, which are useful for pastoral care roles.
Practical Ministry Field Education (for Educational Setting) |
Gain practical experience in various ministry tasks while engaging in personal and theological reflection.
Chaplaincy Skills |
Learn the perspectives and competencies necessary for effective chaplaincy, focusing on holistic care. (On-line + includes a 2 day intensive).
Introductory Preaching |
Take a step by step approach to learning the fundamentals of preparing and delivering a biblical sermon.
Mission Perspectives |
Launch & Interns Only
Gain an understanding of the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic perspectives on mission in the contemporary world.

2018 Semester 2 | POSTGRADUATE UNITS

Interpreting Wisdom Literature | OT789i

Intensive Only – 20-24 August

Lecturer: Dr Tremper Longman

Contemporary Pastoral Relationships | PC779i/D

Intensive – 3-7 September

Lecturer: Rev Dr John Sweetman

Learn suitable responses in situations requiring relationship skills; analyse church conflict situations; conflict management strategies for particular conflicts; important principles of team ministry; and to establish and develop mentoring relationships that enable the empowerment of mentorees.
Research Methods for Ministry | RMo91D On-line Only This unit aims to introduce students to social scientific research methods so they can use them within the framework of Practical Theology in their ministry context.
Intro to Research Methods | RM095D On-line Only The purpose of this unit is to assist candidates to plan and design a research project/thesis in the areas of Biblical studies, theology and Church history. It aims to introduce candidates to the discipline of research methods, including developing and undertaking a research project. Although a requirement of the BTh (Honours) course this unit also serves as a creditable introduction to research methods for Bible Languages (LA), Old Testament (OT), New Testament (NT), Theology (TH) or Church History (CH) research projects/theses in the MA (Theol) and M.Div.

KeyD = avail by Distance/Online; i = Intensive