Units on offer in 2018


We recommend you choose from these units in your 1st year of study

OT Foundations |
God’s wonderful plan of redemption will unfold as you examine his promises and dealings with individuals and the nation of Israel.
Jesus and the Gospels |
Survey the background, purposes and themes of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. (Tuesday Evening Lectures)
Foundations of Christian Influence |
Learn about the biblical principles of leadership, applied to the Australian context.
Guided Spiritual Formation | PC449/649/D This unit guides students into deeper intimacy with God by examining how to be effective in ministry, to articulate a philosophy of ministry, and to reflect on what God is doing in their life and through their vocation.
Mission Perspectives |
Gain an understanding of the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic perspectives on mission in the contemporary world.
Youth in the Churches | DM411/611/D Examine biblical and theological foundations for church based youth ministry initiatives and forming ministry practice models.
Theology for Everyday Life | PC421/621/D Enables students to make much deeper connections between what we believe as Christians and the way we live our everyday lives – in a very broad sense, to cultivate reflective Christians who will be distinctly, recognisably and intentionally Christian on a 24/7 basis.

We recommend you choose from these units in your 2nd and 3rd years of study

Biblical Hebrew A  | LA003a/D The first instalment of learning the skills to interpret Hebrew words in the Old Testament, enabling you to form your own view on the identity, meaning, and theological significance of key words.
Intermediate Greek | LA010 LA010 Intermediate Greek is an advanced elective biblical language unit in the Department of Bible and Languages.  It entails a study of Greek grammar and syntax beyond the levels achieved in LA004, and exposes the student to a wider range of Koine Greek literature selected from the New Testament, the Septuagint and other early non-biblical Christian literature. Available by attendance mode only
The Reformation in Europe & Britain | CH424/624/D Discover the causes and nature of the Reformation in Europe and Britain, its theological impact and implications for contemporary Christianity.
Romans (Greek) |
Develop your skills in exegetical methodology and reflect upon the themes and features of Romans to equip you for a more accurate engagement with the issues facing the contemporary church.
The Knowledge of God |
Explore how we can know the being and acts of God at all and it rehearses the faithful performance of this epistemology in Christian life, ministry and mission.
(English Exegesis) |
Understand the background, purposes, and themes of Genesis and how its message impacts ministry in our vastly different world.
Pastoral Care Field Education |
Address important issues connected with providing pastoral care as you participate in various church activities.
Principles of Evangelism |
The practice and methodology of evangelism in ministry and everyday life.
Introduction to Children’s Ministry |
DM320D/DM520D (on-line only)
Be introduced to the essential factors of children’s ministry based on biblical perspectives of children and develop ministry practice skills. (On-line only)
Chaplaincy in Educational Setting |
Realise the life-long value and benefits of guiding and assisting teenagers to make good and wise decisions. (On-line + includes a 2 day intensive)
Church Planting |
EM426/626i (Intensive only)
Explore and analyse the theology and practice of church planting. (Intensive 29th Jan – 2nd Feb 2018).

2018 Semester 1 | POSTGRADUATE UNITS

OT789i | Unit Lecturer: A.J Culp
Semester 1 | Intensive only – 19-23 March This unit seeks to equip the student with better exegetical skills, greater knowledge and understanding of critical and interpretive issues, ability in forming  reasoned views in critical and debated matters, a more  thoughtful biblical theology, and an ability to use Deuteronomy in pastoral ministry. (Intensive only)
Denominational (Baptist) History
CH759i/D | Lecturer: Dr Anne Klose
Semester 1 | Intensive, 12-16 March  Enter into the rich historical and theological heritage of the Baptist movement, addressing issues that continue to have contemporary relevance
Preaching Romans PC789i | Lecturer: Dr Michael Raiter Semester 1 | Intensive only, 26-29 March  Explore approaches and contemporary forms of preaching from Romans.
Theological Conference Participation TH702D | Lecturer: Andrew Dunstan  On-line Only  Tutoring and guidance of all aspects of the process of identifying a topic, and to submit an abstract for, and presenting of a paper at a theological conference.
Research Methods for Ministry | RMo91D On-line Only This unit aims to introduce students to social scientific research methods so they can use them within the framework of Practical Theology in their ministry context.
Intro to Research Methods | RM095D On-line Only The purpose of this unit is to assist candidates to plan and design a research project/thesis in the areas of Biblical studies, theology and Church history. It aims to introduce candidates to the discipline of research methods, including developing and undertaking a research project. Although a requirement of the BTh (Honours) course this unit also serves as a creditable introduction to research methods for Bible Languages (LA), Old Testament (OT), New Testament (NT), Theology (TH) or Church History (CH) research projects/theses in the MA (Theol) and M.Div.

KeyD = avail by Distance/Online; i = Intensive