Develop a christian world view, chrisitian spirituality, know more of New Testament

More than a gap year, Launch is one year of study designed especially for school leavers to help launch you into your future. Whether you are unsure of what to do once you finish year 12, want to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus or be an effective witness in your future career. Launch will equip you with what you need so that no matter what Christ calls you to, you’re ready to represent Jesus.

One Year Study - Diploma

 > Develop a Christian world view  > Minimum OP 15* if under 21 and no prior tertiary study
 > Get a deeper understanding of the New Testament  > FEE-Help available
 > Grow in relationship with Jesus  > Two afternoons per week Tuesday to Thursday
 > Go on a short term mission  > A total of 35 hours commitment per week
 > Get a taste of ministry  > Can be accredited to first year bachelor

* potential exceptions available

Zayd's Story

Zayd enrolled in Launch before commencing study to become a paramedic. He believes that Launch has equipped him to show Christ’s love for others in his future career.’

“Launch definitely equipped me to be a better Christian. I got a lot out of the mentoring. It helped me apply what I was learning about the Word of God to my life. Launch was a great year of my life and deepened my relationship with God. It even prepared me to study at university level.”

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